Creating highly effective training videos

during Covid19 pandemic

Training videos have become handier than ever before in this day and age. People were asked to maintain social distance, remain home, and even work from home as much as possible due to the Covid19 pandemic. So, organizations are prone to produce more training videos for their staff and make the best use of technology. However, not all those training videos are as effective as they expect. That said, mentioned below are some important tips to consider when creating effective training videos. 

training videos

Make sure that you strictly stick to a script

Many individuals are inclined to skip the important parts and jump into the fun part. That means, they want to start shooting straight away without even creating a script. Well, that’s a huge mistake because shooting a video without a script, a shot sheet or a storyboard will diminish the effectiveness of the result. It will waste plenty of precious time and may not address the audience as expected. Also, the key points will be missed. 

Rely on “Short and sweet” theory

Modern-day individuals generally have short attention spans, particularly when it comes to online videos. So, it is important to keep those videos appropriately short, preferably between 2 – 5 minutes. Also, if it requires a lot of skills and an increased amount of involvement, keep it shorter than 30 minutes. More importantly, such a longer video must be broken down into segments (about 5 minutes each), so the viewer has some breathing time in between. 

Never forget the importance of audio

Training videos that have bad audio quality gets often rejected despite the value of the content. So, pay a lot of attention to the quality of the audio. Make sure that you use a very good mic (preferably an external microphone). Basically, even a simple wired mic will do very well compared to built-in mics in your camera.  You can purchase a wide range of mics locally but here is a good guide on what’s available.

Keep the background and the light of the video simple

When it comes to training videos, in particular, fancy backgrounds are not a requirement at all. All you need is a simple background and lighting that can keep the viewers focused on the subject only. You can think of a premade curtain (about 60”) with subtle colour as the background. They are not expensive at all. It would be best if you stuck with natural shades so it will be gentle on the viewers’ eyes. You should never use a white background as it creates too much exposure. When it comes to lights, rely on two lights placed about a 45-degree angle from the centre (one on each side). 

Consider using two cameras or shoot the video twice

You can use one camera to capture a long shot and the other one to capture closeup. Then, you can combine both of those videos during editing to create more powerful training videos. One camera should be equipped with the mic, and the other camera should be used to get cutaways and closeups. However, don’t forget to record the audio from both the cameras as it would make the synchronization part easier. 

Basically, keep things simple, short, and concise if you want to make the best out of our training videos during this Covid19 pandemic.  If you are considering hiring a professional to produce your training videos, do contact us for a discussion.









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