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We are capital M asia, a production house based in Petaling Jaya (near Kuala Lumpur) providing video production services for the whole of Malaysia and Asia.  Our mission is to help our clients tell their stories by producing visually striking and interesting narratives, creative video content, a no-hassle production process and a high-quality final product with a good shelf life for the future.

A video Production Agency that Strategise

Most importantly, we are not just video production professionals. We are a team of video strategist. A team that identifies the client’s needs. We help you save time, money,  build relationships with your customers and ultimately be successful. All this made possible because we will make an effort to understand how your businesses work.

Doing this puts us in a completely different category, and separates capital M asia from the rest of the competition.  We intend to set a new trend in the video production industry in Malaysia with our specialities.

It isn’t our goal to be the number 1 video production company in Asia. Vanity is such a 90’s thing. Our team always aim to produce unique videos with the production value that works for you. Tight budgets and impossible timeframes are our specialities.  Our portfolio page showcases some of our work.

capital M asia uses a various roster of all-star talent, creative experience and production expertise from Malaysia and Asia to transform ideas into persuasive motion pictures.

From our first meeting through the project’s completion, from scripting to planning and design, from pre production to post production, from filming to editing, capital M asia collaborates with you as a vendor and a partner.  Our video production process will work seamlessly for any projects.


Whatever the project —corporate video, product video, TV Commercial, social media content, animation or any visual presentations — we are ready to start working for you. We always strive to achieve what is best for our customers, from broadcast video production set-up to single-camera shoot-and-run filming and even event coverage!  Using our very own in-house video production equipments help maintain top quality work with high production values.

Our ultimate goal is to nurture long-term relationships with our customers.  We pride ourselves on having many corporate clients and companies who have partnered with us for an average of 6 years. Our experience has proven that customers stick with us longer if we provide outstanding service at reasonable prices.  capital M asia…creating videos that matter!

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Why is online video important?

In this day and age, we can’t help but stress the great importance of online videos to our clients—benefits surpassing why your potential customers can and will get to know you better.  Watch the video to learn more…

8 Tips to Boost Your Site’s SEO with Video is a good resource with a more in-depth analysis on why online videos are good for your brand.

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