5 Facts About Video Marketing for Small Business

video marketing for small business
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Small and medium enterprise owners everywhere get loads of information about using video to market their small business online. However, this article will include 5 important points proving that now is the right time to make your first branding video.

If you haven’t used a video to promote your business or brand and are looking for ways to optimise your marketing efforts, read on to get started. This article breaks down what it is and some of the most important statistics for small businesses. Once you start getting the early results, it will only encourage and motivate you to include more video content in your marketing plans. Also, as your business grows, you will start to realise that only professional content will work for your company or brand. We share the benefits of video marketing in this blog.

You probably will ask. Will video marketing help me increase sales for my business? Will video marketing enable me to improve my sales? Will video marketing help my brand gain awareness? The answer is a definite, yes!

5 Facts About Video Marketing for Small Business

1. Informative and Educational

“97% of marketers claim that videos help customers understand products.” (Hubspot)  Marketers today are no longer taking a sales pitch route – the reason? There’s too much choice out there. Consumers and businesses don’t’ need selling. For a consumer, a quick search online and they will find the most convincing presentation and proceed to buy it. What’s working now is by approaching your audience with a value-based offer instead of a “cut-price sale.” And videos are the best medium at giving customers an up-close look at a brand or service.

2. Search Engine Optimisation

More than 80% of internet traffic will consist of video by 2021(Cisco) Google and other search engines love videos because they see them as high-quality content. It will only help your website if you use videos on your website especially your landing page, and it will work wonders for your SEO. However, you need to ensure the videos are adequately optimised. Optimising means incorporating the right keywords, accurate meta description, and an inviting title.

3. Boosting Conversions

90% of consumers claim a video will help them make a purchasing decision. (Social Media Today)

According to Wyzowl, 74% of consumers who witness a brand in action via an explainer video will purchase. So it only makes a fantastic idea if you place videos on your landing page (please ensure you keep autoplay off especially if audio is involved). Another key reason why video is great for conversions on websites is that they keep people around long enough to look around on the site. It does help in decreasing your website’s bounce rate. Let’s not forget that Google ranks sites based on the duration people spend on a site. Especially true for those who are too busy to read. It is a known fact that people watching a video stick around for about 120secs longer if there’s a video content.

4. Staying Competitive

81 % of businesses are now using video for marketing. (Hubspot)

Getting marketing videos to deliver critical messages about your product or service to a potential online customer is undoubtedly a fantastic idea. In terms of practicality, a unique, short explainer video can do a world of difference when informing the viewers on your product or the brand’s ins and outs. Using storytelling and unique media types, you can quickly grab their attention and hold it. Depending on how relevant it is to your brand, you may want to consider creating an animated or illustrated explainer video to stand out.

5. Getting Personal

Live video will account for 13 % of traffic by 2021. (Cisco)

Ever wanted to check out Facebook Live or Instagram stories? Suppose you’re in a digital marketing career, or you’re heading in that direction. In that case, you’ll need to learn how to create videos and optimise them. Instagram Stories, Snapchat and TikTok are all fantastic for offering people intimate glimpses or short, personal glances of what you’re up to and they are so great for creative tools. The exciting thing about these videos is that they are easily accessible as that they’re up for 24-hours. Making marketers job easier to develop ads that focus on time-sensitive promotions.

In Conclusion

For small business owners, there are countless advantages to video marketing. Still, the most important thing to understand is that it’s pretty easy, and you don’t know what kind of video suits your business until you try it. Small businesses could benefit from a wide range of different types of videos, including video advertising, social media and video SEO.

Even if you are not favouring showing videos to customers during presentations, you should still use them to enhance your local marketing and SEO results. Imagine how much you miss out if you don’t start right away.

With the right strategy, video marketing for small businesses can have a positive and lasting impact on your business. If you use it properly, your small business can grow significantly in a short time. And if you have any questions about video marketing for small companies, capital M asia would be happy to answer them. We especially love to grow with small businesses.

We hope that we’ve proved how effective this medium is. We hope you can now see that small businesses’ video marketing is effective and critical to achieving more revenue.

Try copying a marketing agency’s promotional video to understand better the process of creating a simple marketing video for small businesses. You may only be lacking compelling video marketing ideas, so here’s a tip to get you started.

A perfect start is to create a demonstration video, whether for a new product, a promotion or even just about your business. Alternatively, you may find that a “how-to” tutorial video on your webpage or YouTube is a fair use of video marketing.  Imagine a link to the tutorial in your email marketing; you will gain trust and confidence among your customers.

It is incorrect to think that small business owners should not be on the same level as the more prominent companies. Those were when you needed to put up a hefty investment to put up an ad on TV or the Newspapers. However, with the crazy influx of social media, it is time for you to use videos for marketing your product or service. Your company’s video marketing strategy should promote what your business is doing, how it helps people, and most importantly, gain your viewers’ trust. The video should not just be a sales pitch but also a guide.

Using product videos for marketing is a fantastic way to bring people closer to your product and highlight its features. With video marketing for small businesses, you can show what your business is doing and who the people behind the product development are. Incorporating videos into your small business marketing campaign is another excellent way to attract and entertain your audience. Getting customers to give you a short, positive and enthusiastic video review on social media channels can help boost your business further.

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